About our company

Crenza is a contract-based Injectables and Ophthalmic drugs development organization.

Through our collaborative relationship with clients, we develop and deliver solutions at a faster rate, competitive price, and uncompromised quality.


What makes us stand out from the rest is that we’ve evolved far beyond the limitations in terms of digital depth, data-driven approach, and full-service solutions. This makes us an ideal partner that you always knew you needed – but never knew existed.

Our tailor-made solutions to develop Injectables and Ophthalmics are curated by specialist R&D teams in collaborative relationships with our clients for faster development & delivery of the product at competitive prices without compromising quality.

Our company by the numbers




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Founded with a vision of patient-focused product development, we aspire to deliver innovative, affordable, quality drug products to address the needs of millions of patients across the world.

  • Provide unique advantage cost-effective product developed by experienced professionals for regulated markets
  • Maximize the value of innovation. Work with the sponsor as their own development team with unparalleled work ethic.
  • Deliver high-quality products. Fast track approvals and high-quality commercial products with our patient-focused development strategies.


To become a world leader in manufacturing & development of pharmaceuticals solutions through our product innovation and assurance to the quality of life.


  • Teamwork
  • Innovative Spirit
  • Customer Responsiveness
  • Safety
  • Integrity and Transparency
  • Social Responsibility